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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Dental Visits - Say no more

What would you think of me if I told you I enjoy dental visits, if I said that I actually look forward to see my dentist. You probably might rank me high among the sadists.

The truth is, I have always hated going to dentists. The idea of me getting strapped to that chair, having needles shot inside my mouth, having dentists talk to me while my mouth is full of dental instruments and I cant talk back. What about those dentists who talk to their assistants while working away on your mouth as if you dont exists. These people just get on my nerve. I dont really have problem with drills, or a piercing pain once every few seconds, I can deal with that. The way I see it, better endure pain in the hands of a professional (yea right) than ending up living day in day out with toothaches.

The other thing I have noticed is, dentists love extraction, any discomfort they get working on your teeth, the first suggestion is: Hmmm, no matter what I do, this will give you trouble in a few months. As for me, if I go to a dentist with a particular problem, the first thing I say is, do whatever you want, but do not extract my tooth. Some dentists are not happy with this approach and spend a lifetime trying to explain why this tooth should go.

Some of the people I know would stick to the same dentist in their lifetime. I have learned not to trust these cash vampires, so I usually switch between dentists all the time. If I am not happy with one dentist, I just move on to a different one. Anyone who lives in UK will tell you how difficult this is. But I take my chances.

Well, my recent visit to the dentist has changed all this. The dentist was a professional and a charming young lady. She was talking continuously while working on me. After taking my x-ray she spent almost an hour going over it, which I learned a lot in the process. After that, she took a piece of cotton and massaged my gum, she then stuck a needle which I did not at all feel the pain. All the time she did her work there was no pain at all. She kept asking me a number of questions and she knew I cannot answer. Then she told me not to worry, just remember all these questions and answer them during the break. If I showed a slight sign of discomfort, both herself and her assistant would genuinely aplologise an avoid doing that again.

To top it all, once finished, she gave me her mobile number and email address, and she told me if I felt any pain at all I should contact her.

I admire this lady for so many reasons, one: professionalism, despite of accentricity, she is a professional, and very thorough in her job, she uses the latest technology in her work, which includes digital x-ray and all other stuff.

two: She looks after the patient's interest. Even though she is there to make money, but she explains the problem thoroughly and suggests if it was too costly I could do it elsewhere.

three: she is kind. She makes sure that you endure no pain at all during the process, she will go out of her way not to cause pain.

Having said all that, she is very very expensive. I would prefer to do my dental work in my homeland.


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