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Monday, August 28, 2006


We flush it, we drink it...

Anyone who lives in the UK will tell you how much they hate it here, especially when it

comes to the weather. There is no such thing as summer, ok we may have summer, but it

only last a few days, all of a sudden it starts pouring again.

When I first got here, I used to check the weather every morning before leaving the

house, then dress accordingly, six months later I realised it was useless. Because, it

either rains or doesnt throught the year, so might as well have the umbrella or

raincoat with you all the time.

Given all this rain, one might think the country has abundant supply of water, guess

again. There is a water shortage in this country, can you imagine how many liters would

60 million people consume per day, now given the rain that pours, compare the two and

do your math.

Yes, you got it right, water is not enough. By looking at all the violence going on in

my cousin lands, one might think the next war will be about oil. There is a lot of

doubt in that. There is a high possibility that the next war might be fought over

water, and not oil. One example, there is an ongoing dispute on the Nile between Egypt

and Ethiopia, each claiming ownership.

Anyway, one thing that takes place here is that the water is recycled. The government

assures people that the water is as clean as crystal and suitable for drinking. In fact

I have on a number of occasions drank tap water. Honestly I cannot tell the difference

between tap and bottled water. For all I know if some wise crack sells tap water in a

bottle people would still buy it.

In UK, we get dozens of brands of bottled water. Some cost as high as 1 pound per

litre, but you can also buy a litre for 15 pence. And dont ask me what is the

difference between water and water, because I have no idea!

The question is, how clean is the tap water, why should I spend my good money on

bottled water while if you took Chemistry 101 they clearly tell you mix water with

other compound, due to chemical treatment, you get back pure drinking water. Or did

Chem 101 leave some stuff out. Well, it has become apparent that there some compounds

that just cannot be broken down, and therefore would not completely be separated from

water. This has also been found out in Germany. Even though it is hard to guess, but

the most widely used prescription drugs in UK is the birth control pills.

What the researchers have found is that "Substances such as oestrogens that are

constituents of the birth control pill have been implicated as potential endocrine


Now can you imagine takes doses of birth control pill everytime you hit that tap. I

wonder what would happen someone continues this for long.

ANyway, to put our mind at ease, the researchers have also said that the dose is quite

minute and has no significant impact. They also "use disinfectant system such as

chlorination or ozonisation" to treat the water.

Now, take sewage water, mix with birth control pills, use disinfectants, and get a

clean drinking water.

Hmm, I feel safe already.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Tagged by Sama

(Translation: A. Princess)
1. Are you happy with your blog, the template and what you write?

Lets say I am contented, but not happy. My blog still needs a lot of work, thanks to 3anooda for her reminders, but this is something that has to be done.
The blog has completely diverted from what it was supposed to contain. Anyway, its fine at the moment, so lets leave it this way.

2. Does your immediate family know about your blog?

Ooops, forgot to tell them, thanks for the reminder.

3. Are you embarassed to tell a friend about your blog? or do you consider it something personal?

How personal can this blog get? Its on the net for anyone to peruse.

4. Did blogs brought a postive impact on your thoughts? If the answer is yes, give examples.

A lot of things and people brought a positive impact on my thoughts.

5. Do you only visit blogs that visit you or do you explore other blog?

Where will the humankind be without exploration, of course I explore, I don’t just explore blogs, I explore everything.

6. What the does visitor count mean to you? and do you think its important to put it?

I don’t thing it’s a good idea to put the count in, it might gives me a false sense of importance.

7. Do you try to picture your friends in blogs?

I do that all the time. The picture gets clearer as I read more, then all of a sudden it goes blur, because of what they have posted. I then have to draw a different picture, I tell you it’s a hard work drawing those mental pictures.

8. Do you see a real benefit from blogging?

There must be some benefit out there, otherwise why do you think those people keep blogging day in day out.

9. Do you thing that the blogging society is an isolated society or it reflects whats happening around us?

Yes, bloggers are isolated, they don’t tell people when to expect new article, they just do it.

10. Are you bothered with criticisim? or you feel its healthy?

Criticism on my blog? Never had any so far.

11. Are you scared of Political Blogs?

Some of those political blogs can get really scary, especially the ones which show tanks, guns, blood, killings. People should be more considerate on what they post.

12. Were you shocked by the arrest of some bloggers?

When did that happen?

13. Did you think of what will happen to this blog when you die?

Never thought of that, but hey, thanks for bringing this up.

14. Whats the song you would like to link it to this blog?

I don’t know any good songs, suggestions anyone??

15. Who would you like to pass it to?

Jawaher (yes again :))
Xena (you need to come back girl)

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Inbox mania, not all junk

Availability of emails has revolutionised the way we communicate with our loved ones (and not so loved ones).

People used to write letters, wait for months to get a reply. Then soon it became telophones, also wait for a month to get your phone bill, and now its the Internet.

The level of keeping in touch has raised but the value of what we receive has fallen.

I receive many types of emails, some from close family members, others from friends, and the most imposing ones are junk mails, from unknown sources. Thanks to junk mail filters I don't have to worry much about those.

I am sure you have all received at one point or other emails warning you not to drink coke because it is used to clean toilets, or not to go to movies because some pycho might have might have stuck an hiv infected needle on a chair, oh, how about a donation for little Amy because she needs medical attention, its just little Amy has been three since 1994. If we abide to what these email we will stink like dogs, because deodarant causes breast cancer.

How about just ignoring these emails, and pretend you never read them. We humans are curious in nature, as for myself, I usually check the contents, and if I feel this is something that cannot be ignored, I would do a google search, which usually would end up telling you if this was fact or just a hoax.

One of the emails that caught my attention a few months back was talking about saving life of a stroke victim victim. Now this is a serious stuff, saving a loved one's life is something we all ought take it serious. But how genuine was the email? Just to jog your memory, the email was talking about an ancient chinese cure called Blood Letting.

In short: If person gets a stroke, instead of rushing him/her to the hospital, administer a blood letting technique. What this means is simply prick the tip of each finger, then squeeze and let the blood come out. Also prick the tip of each toe, and keep squeezing, prick the ear lobes and do the same, in less than 10 minutes the patient should come about.

The email went on explaining the internals which I can't remember now, but most of the stuff sounded scientific.

After a couple of searches in google, it turned out, with scientific backing backing, that the email was a hoax. So I replied to the sender, a relative of mine, explaining that this was just a hoax and to ignore the email.

A few weeks later I received a similar email and immediately replied that this is a hoax, and the sender replied back saying he has seen it perfomed in front of him, successfully. I still was not convinced, but did not reply back.

Well, my skeptism was put to test a few months later. I was in Oman at the time, at a relative's house, when all of a sudden we were told a lady had a stroke. The first thing they did was to get a needle, and the daughter started pricking the finger tips, while others were gently squeezing the blood out, at first she was breathing heavily, and as time went by, I could see her eyes were getting normal and the breathing subsides. All this was happening in front of my own eyes. The whole performance took less than 15 or 20 minutes. Finally she was back to normal again. The lady was in a state of life and death and blood letting method saved her life.

A word of caution, do not ignore your inbox, not everything is a junk.

A stronger word of caution:
Please please please, DO NOT take this as method to save stroke victim. This was performed by a person who has done it before, and was getting help from another person who has experienced it.

It all depends on the level of stroke, age of the victim and many other factors.



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