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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Going Away - Again

I plan to go away for two weeks or so, a bit longer this time.

I will be gone to Oman again, hopefully this time I will be able to update the blog.

I plan to go to Dubai, as I haven't been there for a while. The thing about Dubai is that the hotels are either too expensive or too cheap. I hate staying at cheap hotels as much as I hate paying for expensive hotels!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Ladies First... Ladies First?

This expression has become at the tip of every 'gentleman's' tongue. We end up opening the doors for them, letting them get into cabs, board trains before us. Also we pull chairs and do all sorts of things for ladies. But why, why do we do it. Call it religous, call it cultural, or maybe call it courtesy. But do we really know where this habit stemmed from?

Ok, maybe we don't know, then do we ask ourselves why we do it, I mean why can't it be the other way round. Why can't the ladies open doors for us, or pull our chairs?

Is this probably one of those old age traditions that we just follow. Well, actually it is not. This was fully explained in a recent TV program called 'Kaifa Wa-Akhawaatuha' (The How's family). This is nicknamed after a famous Arabic grammatical rule 'Kana Wa-Akhawaatuha'. Anyway this started as a love story between two teenagers who could not keep their eyes off each other. After many months of courting, they decided it was time to tie the knot. The shocking moments came when both their parents refused on the grounds that they were from different social upbringing. This did not deter them from meeting, in fact it made them bond even stronger. When they realised nothing they can do will earn their parents' approval of their relationship, they decided only one thing will keep them together, forever.

Yes, you guessed it, death. Death is the only thing that can make them inseparable.

With this in mind, they suggested the time and place, prepared strong poison and ready for the final road to happiness.

At this point, the boy uttered his last farewell and the girl promised to meet him the other side in a few moments.

After taking the first gulp, a strong poison took over his body, seconds later he went limp. Upon seeing this, the girl looked in horror, turned to see if there was anyone around, and ran away.

When the story came out, a few days later, the girl confessed to all the plan, since that day men decided: its Ladies first!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Not Without my "Brother"

Imagine this, you got into an agreement, you end up with more than expected. Too good to be true?

This is what our Bahraini cousin amassed during his nine year marriage. The lover boy married his Asian queen, who one year later requested her 'brother' joins them to form a Three's Company.

Apparently the brother came to Bahrain looking for a job and it was suggested he shared the accommodation with Romeo and Juliet. Nine years later, it turned out that the brother was the actual Romeo who fathered four of the five kids. It took nine years for our cousin to walk in and catch them red handed.

I can't help but feeling sorry for our cousin. On the other hand, there are a few lessons in life that we learn the hard way. Is that why we were given homeworks in elementary school?

I guess doing homework helps.

In case you are wondering, I didn't just make this up, you can read it all here


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