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Sunday, September 11, 2005


Conspriracy Theories

There are certain sources we always tend to believe when news is delivered to us. Conspiracy theories have been in our midst for as long as long as the human race started.

The death of Marylin Monroe is still shrouded with mysteries to this date. So is the death of John Kennedy, whose theorists believe he might have been killed by the CIA. I saw a ducomentry which 'proved' that there was no way Lee harvey Oswald could have fired two bullets from where he was standing. There are theories on the death of Diana, that her death is not an accident. These theories whether they are valid or not continue to fascinate us, and at times we like to believe them, the recent ones are Sep 11 did not really happen, Saddam was not caught, it was his replacement. My all time favorite conspiracy theory is on the moon landing. I am not talking about the one that says Neil Armstrong heard Athan when he landed on the moon. Its the the theory that say there no such thing as moon landing. No man has ever reached or landed on the moon. This is all a political game between America and Russia. A simple search on the internet will produce pages of claims and counter claims of moon landings.

Who comes up with these theories, how credible are they? Did man really land on the moon. Elvis has been spotted in bars in a number of occasions. 2Pac recently appeared on the scene. Could it be true? Do I really care? Or should I?

They are quite interesting when you give them the attention they want. But the biggest conspiracy theory is the theory itself - to divert your eyes of whats happening in the world and to occupy your mind into something that doesn't really matter anymore so the person behind it can play the game they want to play..

mind bending - i agree
hi, i was soooo about to write about conspiracy theories today on my blog....and I was spurred to do so because someone told me that Hurricane Katrina struck the the state of Lousiana because there was a gay festival going to be held there. Truth or conspiracy...I don't know, but I am certain to find out...thanks for visiting my blog...

very very interesting post Nash ....I dont believe landing on moon 2 cos I read many articals that prove this specially the one that mentioned that the flag they put there was moving while it shouldent cos there is no air on moon
well .. I hate beleiving in conspircy theories ... even though sometimes I fall prey to them ..

its just make politics and life more complicated!!

I think we should take events as they are without attempting to explain them .. that would certainly kill conspircy theorst :)
"Could it be true? Do I really care? Or should I?"

Do you really care and should you? Yes, because on the scale of things, history is one of the most important things we could learn. Even to someone like me who knows so little about history, its blindingly obvious that history constantly and perpetually repeats itself. Im not just talking about the occurance of these conspiracies, but why. Why did they happen, or why could they have happened perhaps. Its all the background thats important.

Could it be true? Some will disagree with me, but I think the 'truth' is beside the point :). We dont know if theyre true, and we probably never ever will. But like I said, its all the other reasons that point towards them being truth, or fiction, that really matters.
@mansur: there was supposed to be, the weekend after Katrina, so thats truth, at least according to the BBC. But in terms of a man-made conspiracy, I think thats a little too far-fetched.
Is like The Purloined Letter: truth is out there, in front of our eyes, but we cannot or don't want to see it.
mind bending yes, but cant some theories have element on truth in it?

Gay festival? Thats news to me, oh well, there we go, even if there was a gay festival, can we link it to Katrina?

Thanks for the compliments. Well, you have to listen to both sides before making up your mind. I saw a documentary which said the flag was held by a strong metal arm, so it wont fall loose. Then they claim to have used blown air on the flag to make it move. So you see, it depends on which side you like best.

Arabian Princess:
I agree they make our life more complicated, but can we really just dismiss the conspiracy theories? They are there and we have to live with them. I mean most dont affect our daily lives, shall we continue to live with doubts?

we may never find out the truth, but we may be able to prove them wrong at some point.

Truth may be out there, but what if two people in front of our eyes each holding a petal of roses, both claiming theirs is genuine, while we know only one petal can be genuine?
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