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Thursday, September 08, 2005


History made

History has been made. I finally have a blog. I have no idea what to write, but at least I can comment on other people's blogs

Any ideas from other bloggers on how to start would be greatly appreciated.
welcome the wonderful of

how to get started? beats me! when i first started i didn't have an idea of what to blog about. then i started to try copying of what others did eventually found that to be boring so i just went back to being me..

and since i am into writing poetry, short stories and the stuff i started with that and along the way i am developing my writing skills..

wish me luck on becoming a great world known writer as i wish you the best on starting your blog.. feel free to ask anything else..
Well like prowler, I didnt know what to write about .. but I guess by time and by trying different aproaches of writing in your blog, you would eventuly know what makes you comfortable ..
Thank you both thats quite encorage. I will try and come up with something
welcome :)
the most important thing is not to force yourself, only write whenever you feel like it.

have a blast!
welcome to the world of bloggers.
looool nash ..we share the same feelings now as new born blogs ..good luck :)
How to start? Just like this. Theres no set way to blog, it there was, it wouldnt be a blog. I find my own blog to be completely inaccessible, because to most it probably seems like a load of irrelevant gibberish. But its a blog, and, well, isnt that enough? :)
Good luck in becoming the best poet in the world, and thanks for stopping by...

Arabian Princess:
Thanks for the comments, I am trying to think of different subjects to write, well something will come up, I hope.

I will try not to force myself, fortunately I cant force myself, as I am so busy with other things, lets see how it goes, thanks for dropping by..

Looks like we are both sep'05 bloggers. We need to motivate each other to write more often...

Thanks whoever you are and wherever you are...


Thanks for the tips, I visited your blog, its quite impressive..
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