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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Ramadhan Greetings, now scale away...

We are all eaxcited by the fact that Ramadhan is around the corner. For one thing, we get to setup time and devote ourselves to worshipping more than any time of the year. For those living in Oman, they get to enjoy the benefits of working half day and having more time to do other things. It is also the time where extended families get together more often. We get to prepare invitation lists for friends we havent seen since last year. We also get to prepare menu for the whole month, guaranteeing a variety of meals each day.

Now, all this is fine. But do we also look at other issues which we must be concerned during Ramadhan? Issues we may be too embarassed to discuss. Have you ever been so close to a person with bad breath, will you have the nerve to tell them their breath stinks, I know I won't.

When we are asleep, there is no circulation of saliva in the mouth, because of accumulation of bacteria, our breath smells bad. When there is no oral consumption of food or water, in some cases we do get bad smell. This happens a lot during Ramadhan. If you live in Islamic country, people may understand it and say, ok its only for 30 days. But what if you live in non-Islamic country, and you have to work close to your colleagues, what image are you going to project?

There are some people who believe that you should not use your toothbrush after noon time, because that will break the fast, in fact I know a LOT of people who believe that. I myself am not convinced with that belief. Our religion takes care of ALL aspects of our lives, there are a lot of hadiths concerning cleanliness, so I am sure oral hygiene is part of that.

Last year somebody asked a the very question to Mufti. The Mufti's answer was, there was no time limit for brushing your teeth, one of the reasons was we are allowed to make wudhuu for salat al Asr, and that involves gushing water. So if water is allowed, then brushing is also allowed.

A lot of people use the verse, which I cant remember now, which involved prophet Musa (AS) in this subject. Anyway, the Mufti gave a number of hadiths to support his view. frankly I can't remember much of the answer, I would appreciate if you dont take this article as a fatwa.

Having said all that, I must say first of all that I am not a scholar, so I may be entirely wrong on this whole issue. The reason I wrote it is to raise people's awareness, but please do your own homework and research on this issue.

I would be very happy if someone can come with a strong evidence to prove me wrong, or right.

Allhu Allam.

I think people beleive that you are not allowed to brush your teeth AT ALL while fasting .. the truth is that I really cant imagine myself not brushing my teeth in the morning!
again, I am not a scholar .. I cant say whats halal and whats haram .. but like you said, its not logical that Islam wouldnt consider personal hygine!!
well, on one hand, back in those days (the days when the Prophet PBUH was alive) they had never heard of toothpaste or mouthwash - i could be wrong.

on the other hand, i do know for a fact that if nothing goes down that stream to your stomache then you are NOT breaking your fast - therefore, you CAN brush your teeth..

nash - i believe the hadith you're pointing out is the one that talks about bad breath in Ramadhan bringing you closer to God because you're not eating i correct in my assumption?
I brush my teeth when I get up in the morning on a regular day in Ramadan. The way I see it, when you are fasting, you are abstaining from food, water and sex, among other smaller things, like hurting animals etc etc. Let's be hoenst, having a toothpaste is not used for nutrition purposes, but for hygienic reasons. So whoever says that brushing your toothpaste breaks your fast is taking things too literally. Toothpaste doesn't go down your throat, nor does the water, so I think its ok. Again, I am not a scholar, nor a mufti, but I am talking from a practical and logical point of view.

Also, I remember when I was in school, a lot of the kids would skip the swimming lessons on the basis that the water will go inside the mouth and will break the fast. That was silly too! :-)

I also agree with you about having talking to people who have extremely bad breath. A "miswak" doesnt do anything about it. I wish these people would realize what bad impressions they leave on others with their stinking breath.

Nice blog, Im visiting it for the first time, and I like what I have read so far, you write well.

I always brush my teeth in Ramadan. Yes, I try to be careful so as I dont swallow any toothpaste. I think sometimes people make too many unecessary complications in our simple religion. There is absoloutely nothing wrong in brushing your teeth even if you are fasting! Infact, women are even allowed to taste food to check on salt etc if need be, just as long as they do not swallow.
I have just learn of your faith and your religion things that i never knew before. Thank you for that.
I dont have evidence but I do use toothbrush and i try to be careful not to let water go inside ..also sewak is so beneficial 2 .....kol sanah wenta 6aeeb inshallah :)
i think inoo "eldeen yousoor"
i brush my teeth during ramadan while fasting more often then when i'm not actually.

nobody brushes their teeth to initially to break their fast. as long as u try not to swallow any water then u r ok, ooo alllaho e3laaam
brushing is allowed as long as u dont use toothpaste! I think.

your allowed to use miswak though :)
May Allah help us all this ramadhan, and may we help ourselves by brushing thoroughly with strong mint toothpaste before fajr. Ameeeen.

kool blog! rock on!
arabian princess:
I know, I wonder where people get these ideas from. Personally I dont see anything wrong with brushing.

Yes they never had toothpaste or mouthwash, but they were using 'siwak' (soft wood from specific tree branches) which is more effective in cleaning than our normal toothbrush. Some people use siwak to this date.

ali, that was a verse from the Quran, I just cant seem to remember it now.

Some people prefer to refrain from using toothpase, am not sure of the ruling on this. But on miswak as I said, it is quite effective when used properly. In Oman we get it from specific tree, which has a natural fragrance.

1 and only:
Thanks for the nice words on my blog, I hope you will continue visiting here so we can learn from each other.
Yes, I heard that women are allowed to have drops of food on the tongue, just to taste it.

we are all out to learn. I am glad you learned something, I also learn about christianity whenever i visit your blog. frankly, i find a lot of similarities.

exactly, people dont brush their teeth bec they want to eat, its bec of cleanliness.

i understand we are told to refrain from toothpaste, but that does not mean it is haram.

This is the question that was answered by Sh Ahmed:
Q: Maa Qawlokom fee Iste3maal ma3joon Alasnaan saba7 yaumu a9awm?
A: Laa yanbaghi isti3mal ma3joon alasnaan fee a6awm siwaa2 fee alsaba7 au almasaa2

Note the inclusion of the word "laa yanbaghi".
I agree with you on sewak, even though I have never used, i will try it when i get to oman ishallah.

Ameen, and thanks for the compliments on my blog.
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