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Friday, September 16, 2005


There she was, so young, so pretty, so innocent...

When a 19 year old MK left her parents' house, little did she know that she was stepping on her front door for the last time.

This is the story of a young girl who passed away last week which I will call MK. The events that triggered her death took place in Oman about three weeks ago.

MK was a young university student and a very devoted girl, her death sent shock waves to the whole community and it touched every living soul who heard about it. It is a fact that people die evey minute, but MK's death was something that affected her loved ones forever.

During 3zza of one of her family members, MK was asked to read du3. This was the third and last day of 3zza. After she completed, she said, I will now pronouce God's names and you (meaning the ladies around her) will say Jalla Jalal. She started reading, then all of a sudden there was a pause, people were looking at her, she threw away tasbee7 from her hand and cried out, "water! water!". Seconds later she collapsed, and was taken to the hopital. Other ladies decided to continue, the second lady started reading, all of a sudden, she stopped and felt part of her body paralysed.

MK spent 11 days in the hospital in a coma, she finally passed away. Now, if that was not enough to mystify people around her, there is more. She was taken from the hospital to a family house for burial preparations. While the ladies were preparing to wash her up, they felt her body to be warm, or maybe there was a slight warmth in her body. Everyone was again in a state of shock. This is not normal for a dead person. The ladies decided to wait, and called in the doctors. There were two doctors among family who both took a look at her. After a few hours she was taken for burial.

Some who went to the grave said they could smell misk fragrance from the grave. The other observation was that there was a total silence at the burial site, where normally people sit and chit-chat, there was no chit-chat on that day.

Let me tell you that this story is 100% accurate. I personally dont know the girl, but I do know her family members. I called one of the members who was sitting next to her, and she relayed the story to me. Not only that, I spoke to one other member, plus I received a personal email (not forwarded) detailing the events. The only thing that I could not confirm was the 'ree7at mist' from the grave, but everything else is 100% confirmed.

On one hand it is shocking to her family, my condolences to the whole family. On the other hand she is very lucky to have died in such a way, this is the death all Muslim pray for: 7usni al-'7tima7.

I thought of sharing this story with my friends who read this blog, remembering:

Fakam min sa7ee7 maata '7aira 3illa
wa kam min saqeemi 3aasha 7eenan mina aldahri

Wakam min fataa amsa wa asba7a dha7ikan
waqad nusijat akfaanuhu wa huwa laa yadri

Wakam min 3roosin zayyanooha lizwjiha
waqad qubidhat arwaa7uhum lailatu alqadri

- Iman Shafi3

Her story indeed touched many people here in Oman .. I personally think she is such a lucky person to die like this mashallah .. May Allah grant her the highest level of jana inshallah ..
I can't express nash ...its a touching story bs mafi shai ba3eed 3ala Allah
Ina illah wa inah ilyh raj3oon.
i read the story earlier but couldn't comment due the slow speed on that day of the 'net...

i was touched and astounded to read such a tale.

o lillah fe khalqihi sho2oon..
Arabian Princess:
Yes we may think she is lucky and all wish to go that way, but to the parents, they have lost a teenage daughter, am sure they are grieving hard.

True, its all in the hands of Allah.

Wardat il '7leej:
Thats our destination.

Ali Mehdi:
It is a touching story
No one knows the time and place of death. Verily we are from Allah and the best return is to him . May she have a high level in the jannah and may her famoly be comforted.
Thanks for the full story. I heard parts here and there but know i got the full pic :)

Its true, any of us can go anytime. Its just no one know how or when we will go.


You are welcome, I heard lots of stories too before I wrote this, I even heard some people approached the parents telling them they can get the girl back, I mean comeon!
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