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Thursday, October 06, 2005


Islamic Calendar / Ramadhan

The idea of introducing Islamic calendar came about around 638 C.E.(Christian Era) At that time, Muslims felt the strong need to properly keep track of Islamic events. This was during the period of second Khalifa (leader) Omar ibn Al-Khattab. He suggested the best day to start will be the day the Prophet (pbuh) migrated from his birth town Mecca to Medina where he took his permanent residence. That date was July 16, 622 C.E. Also called the day of Hijra (migration). Thats how it earned its name as a Hijri calendar. In the west, it is known as (Muslim Era)Abbreviated A.H., in Latin: Anno Hegirae.

The Islamic calendar is about 10 days shorter than the sonar calendar. With 12 months per year and each months can be 29 or 30 days, depending on the sighting of the moon.

The holiest of these twelve months is the ninth month, which is the month of Ramadhan. During Ramadhan, Muslims are supposed to do as much as they can in terms of religion with the promise of forgiveness from the sins and acceptance of good deeds from God Almighty.

We are also required to work harder during Ramadhan, and not use it as an excuse to sleeping in the whole day.

I personally find myself to be more energetic during this month, because I dont get (my usual) heavy breakfast and that makes me feel quite light. I also decided to try and not cancel my fitness classes. The fitness class is two hours 6 to 8 pm. Here in UK the sun sets around 6:40, so I had 40 minutes of workout, took a 10 minutes break to eat and drink, then continued. It was not hard at all, but then maybe the class itself on that day was not intense, or maybe it was only the first day of Ramadhan and I still had some leftover energy.

Happy Ramadhan to everyone....

Ramadhan Kareem; nash.

and yes I believe it was that left over energy you still had in you that lead you to not feeling queezy in a sense while working out. but good going..

ps: i think you should turn on your word verification just in case you don't want to get any annoying adverts through companies.. ;o)
ali, you are probably right on that.

thanks for the tip on word verification, I also thought about that, but then it makes it so difficult for ppl to log in and comment. Anyway, if I start getting adverts I will turn it on
I actually find its the opposite nash, I find it much more difficult to do stuff in ramadhan. I wake up hungry and alert, and towards the end of the day the hunger subsides and Im just left with a feeling of extreme tiredness. But once u have that first bite... :) well actually, its never the first bite that does it for me, it goes down so fast that I dont realise Ive just had my first thing to eat (apart from the date to break my fast with). Its usually a couple of minutes into the meal that I go AHH THIS MAKES IT ALL WORTH IT!
It was quite difficult for me to begin with, but as days went by, it was getting easier. I guess its all in the mind
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