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Friday, October 14, 2005


Self Control

Be extra careful around a woman who half-finishes her chocolate bar. Hmm, how would I know, you may ask. Well, there I many ways, I tell you. If you have the priviledge to go through her possessions, check her handbag, if you find an unfinished chocolate bar in there, take a hint, she is sending you signals.

Women who half-eat their chocolate bars, are sending out a message that they have a self control. In fact they have a strong self control. So next time you get into her car, just check the glove box for any sign of half eaten candy bar. If inside her house, look around, if you find a half eaten candy bar, then you have to expect what you are dealing with.

Now, what is all this business of half eaten candy bars. It is a sign of control. A woman sends a signal that she has a strong self control. So what, you may ask. Well, this means she has also the knack of controlling, so she is out there to control you. Whether you are her lover or husband, or just a friend.

Now, you might think I made all this up. No, I didn't, I actually read it in a woman's magazine. I don't normally read women's magazine. But I happened to stumble across one in a doctor's waiting room.

There is something very WRONG with a woman who doesn't finish her chocolate bar!

lol, I have never done that in my life! Unless it was the second one :p
It might be true that a woman who doesn't finish her chocolate bar is able to exert self-control, but like you said, this can also send out a signal to the man, boyfriend, husband that this woman will also be able to control them. I should hope not.

For whatever reason you were in the hospital, I hope you feel better now.

That could mean she was displaying her personality, which may appear wrong, or eccentric to others.

I am sure there is a message there somewhere. Thanks, my visit was nothing serious.
humm interesting theory. isnt anything a fluke anymore ??

but i think that a women who only half finishes her chocolate bar could be a considerate person, who likes to share?! or have self control but not the desire to control others but herself. its very tempting to eat the whole bar but since she didnt, she can control herself and her desires and needs. not necessarily others

You are right there, having self control may not necessarily mean a desire to control others, but nevertheless, it exhibits a certain trait in personality.
I can never leave a choclate bar unfinished!! But I beleive I have self control :p
She might not be hungry
maybe shes just full maybe she isnt greedy mayb shes considorate and likes to share, why think the worse what if its a guy then does that mean hes self controlling na'a lol
thats not true...i never complete my choco bar, if i found out that the fillings sucks, like raisins for instants :D
Arabian Princess,
Probably the level of self control varies between individuals?

Can chocolate make her lose apetite?

Self control may not be a bad thing, you know. It works to a woman's advantage, at times :)

You may have reasons not to complete, but would u also leave a perfectly good choco bar half-finished? - lol
If you eat tons of choco like me then yes, is a possibility :p
Interesting theory - Im tempted to agree with it!
Tons of choco bars? There proves the point on self control :)

Yes, very interesting. Pronanly written just for fun though...
soooooo interesting post nash ..i loved it :D
Hey Nash,

Interesting info. But you know what, I think all women like to be in control of their lives and relationships...whether she finishes her bar of chocolate or not. I always finish my Kit Kats or Galaxy Flutes, infact, I try to gobble them down as quickly as I can. But having said all that, I don't think this theory has got anything to do with whether or not, I'm a controlling woman.

Also, I guess there is a difference between 'being in control'(trying to be a successful wife, mother, homemaker, career woman etc) and 'having control over' (yanni, being the dominant partner in the relationship).
Nash - On the auspicious occasion of Eid Ul Fitr, I convey my warm greetings and good wishes to you, your parents, siblings, and other family members.

Eid Mubarak my friend!
update nash ..I miss ur posts
nash where are u ?? :(
Where did you find it? Interesting read » »
Where did you find it? Interesting read here
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