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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Diamond or dog?

They say that a man's best friend is dog. But they also say that a woman's best friend is diamonds. Now, let me get this straight. Does it mean that we can happily settle for a dog, while our other halves will only settle for diamonds?

Even though it sounds weird and unfair, but unfortunately it is true. Basically what this means is that it is easier to make a man happy than a woman. Not to belittle dogs (in case any of them are reading this), but the equivalence of dogs to diamonds says it all.

What does this mean in real life? Well, all women have to do is to get us dogs, but we have to work so hard and afford diamonds so we can present it to them. Women dont have to work hard, all they need to do is look pretty and thin, while men have to work so hard to earn a living.

Now, a pretty and thin woman will gladly accept diamonds, even if it were from an old, fat, and ugly man!

I prefer dogs but am not pretty nor thin and that would be a problem for a man :p
helllllllllllllllllo what happened nash ??

u seems so upset man :P

women , who can live without them ?? could u ?? :P
pizzaqueen: am sure you are being modest.

jawaher: I am upset because I cannot afford diamond :)
I would rather have a dog too.. I have never understood why someone would call a rock their best friend.

Hey Nash, looking pretty and thin takes lots of work too! Think of all the dieting, exercising, calorie counting, salon spending and buying all those creams and cosmetics that take time and effort to put on! :p
i agree with sam, the only difference is when we work really hard we spend all the money you guys give us, n when you work -poor you- you barely spend a penny on yourself!, a lollipop to me or a book will make me as happy as getting a diamond :)
I am not thin, and I would never choose a diamond over my dog... And yet I am a woman. My man is quite happy with me. Explain that!

Sam: I know some women would prefer dogs, and for some, I mean very few. Now just go and visit any jewelry shop in your neighborhood and you will see exactly what I mean. You will see thin women picking up jewelry and fat men paying for it :(

Of course, it takes a lot of effort to become and maintain rishaqa, but isn't the effort worth it? :)

Violet: Yes, men don't really mind when women spend their money taking care of their appearances. In fact they encourage it. Its a vicious cycle, we work, you spend. What about those poor guys who cannot afford it. The cycle has to stop somewhere.

Am sure a lollipop or a book carries more weight than a diamond, depending on who presents it :)
And by the way, you say a pretty and thin woman would gladly accept diamonds... What makes you think that an ugly and fat woman wouldn't? Now since you can't afford to buy a diamond to a thin and pretty woman, I hope you are not old, fat and ugly (but no offence if you are!) because then you can probably keep a woman happy by buying her a book.. or perhaps a lollipop?


Thanks for stopping by my blog today, hope you enjoyed your visit.

=^..^= Thanks for visiting my blog.
Your husband is one of those few smart men who managed to convince you that dogs are better than diamond. We (men) should all look up to him :)
Haha no actually he buys me diamonds :^)

=^..^= No, I didnt say a fat woman would't. I am sure she will be more than happy to. But unfortunately the old fat ugly and rich guy will not even think about offering diamond to a fat and ugly woman. He will go for the pretty 'n thin.

No, am not old fat or ugly :). But am not rich either thats why these old fat ugly rich guys keep us out of competition.

As for the book and lollipop, I will have to try and see my luck :)
"Haha no actually he buys me diamonds :^)"

See, there you are, thanks for helping me to prove my point. :)
I dont want a dog or a diamond.

I want an elephant.
kaza: An elephant? Since elephants cannot survive in Oman, am sure you have an alternative in mind.
u can offere diamonds nash ... we need el kelmah el 7ewah 9adegni :)
i'll tell you where the cycle stops! if you can't handle diamonds, go to al-Bahjah center, there's a small shop next to Marks n Spenser that sells those accessories that looks exactly like diamond, buy one, put it in a nice box, fool your wife and tell her its diamond! seriously i see no difference between real one and an artificial one! they all looks shiny n pretty!
jawaher: al kilma al 7elwa works, i agree. But unless a woman has something to show off to her friends, we (men) have a long struggle.

violet: am actually not in oman, but will definiteyl check out bahja when i come over. Honestly, do you think women cannot tell the difference between the fake and the real diamonds? I have my doubts.
Errr violet I don't know about that advice, most women and diamond fans can tell right away! I think it would be more of an insult to buy her fake diamonds than none at all lol. I saw an older european guy in Splash a couple days ago buying some of those Adore accessories and in my mind I hoped that it wasn't for his wife (or he'll be in trouble this christmas)...

Nash, if the rashaqa is worth it for us then having the girl happy and all (after buying her the diamond) should be worth it for you guys :p
they wont if you buy the box from damas! ;)
It's nice to see a blog like this popping up every now and then.

Good stuff, I'll be back when I have more time.

Enjoy life!

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