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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Nash is Back

Ok, I said a few weeks, it came up to a few months. A lot has happened since christmas, some which unfortunately I cannot share in public.

I just hope all my friends are around so we can read and share our thoughts.

I was in Oman briefly and was amazed by the changes that have taken place.

I made a quick tour on some of the blogs and sadly it seems some of my friends have stopped blogging. Oh comeon now, set aside a few minutes a day of your time.

I would like to share some tips on how to be a regular blogger:

1. Open your blog while sipping coffee, that way you will not feel guilty on wasting company's time blogging, you will be actually drinking coffee.

2. Do not think of what to write beforehand, think of a blog as a close friend, we dont plan what we'll tell our close friends, we just talk to them.

3. Have a 'Last Update' note hanging next to your desk, and bedroom window.

4. Aim short, short blogs get more readers.

5. Finally, do not try to impress anyone, just impress yourself.


Welcome back :)
Welcome back dude!
dear Nash : welcome back ... I can't tell how much I miss ur blog although I came here always to chick if u come back or not

please don't do it again

your friend : joyas
qatar cat:
Thanks for visiting.

Thanks, hoping to stay longer this time :)

Thanks for revisiting my friend. I am around now, so hoping you will enjoy my new topics
Excellent, love it!
» » »
Enjoyed a lot! »
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