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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Gone for few days

I will be going to Oman for a week or so.

Thanks to all who have contributing to this blog.

I will start writing as soon as I am back, so dont go far!

Going to Oman for a week or so? Now this is an interesting coincidence...
come back soon dear please

and enjoy ur time there

i commented on the tag post sorry 4 being late

we will miss u

Yes Jeff, Are you going there as well? That would definitely be a coincidence.


Nice to see you here again as usual.

About your blog, I hope no one tried to mess with it, I stopped visiting for a while, so not really sure what happened. I hope you will start again soon, let me know if I can assist in any way.

I receive alerts for any comments on this blog, even on old posts. Thanks for your compliments.

By the way I am glad you are using this nick, I did not like your previous nick, I was planning to tell you that, but I guess you read my mind :)
Good luck in your travelling :)

& come back!

Я должен быть назад скоро

Thanks :)
So What if you are going there ...
oppps i mean coming here.

coming here doesnt mean you will not open a PC or laptop...
at least to see the comments.
Well, wish you a nice trip back to home.

Take Care and Have FUN too ;p
is what you wrote there is russian? :p
if yes, then Kharashu :p

welcome to Oman, and I am warning you would want to loose all your clotehs :D its hot!!!!
Yes, its Russian, I just hope it makes sense to Server.

It must be really hot in Oman now. But I have to come, hoping to survive :)

I know its not the right time, but I miss the beaches...

Я не знал вы поговорило русского

I know dear, I can get Internet in Oman, but I will be only for a short period, so I imagine it is going to be quite hectic. Anyway, I will try my best to update, thanks for the encouragement :)
No, I'm not so fortunate as to be visiting Oman!

I just meant you are going just when Princess is leaving...

I thought you were, yes, thats a real coincidence :)
Keep up the good work
Excellent, love it!
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