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Sunday, June 25, 2006



It is quite nteresting to note that when you live in certain environment there are a lot you don't notice about yourself, that is until someone else points things out.

Whenever I go to Oman, I notice stuff, some of which are old and some new. I just thought I would put them down, let me know f you have anything to add:

~ With City Center Mall under expansion, the management has provided golf carts to shuttle customers back and forth from the parking lot.

~ Durng summer it gets to a scorching heat of 40+ with strong sun rays beaming down, nobody wears sunglasses.

~ You get cold water from hot water tap in summer time, and hot water from cold water tap. In winter its vice versa.

~ People drink tea or coffee in the midday summer heat.

~ A country which mports 80% of its fruits and vegetables, you can buy freshly squeezed fruit juce at any corner shop. (Ever had avocado juce?)

~ There are no price tags in most mid size supermarkets with over 200 varietes, shopkeepers have memorized the exact price and quantity aof each item!

~ In some parts of the country, especially interior, shopkeepers leave their shops unlocked while going to mosque during prayer times!

I am sure we can find plenty more anywhere we go
about the city centre thing. i was somehow rerouted to a website that talked about Muscat City Centre and how its parking lot carries 1500 cars.

Does that mean that when its full, ur actually aprking in between 1500 cars?? i find that hard to beleive. it doesnt look it.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am not sure how many cars, but I believe it will be a multi-storey car park, in that case, only sky is the limt...
Welcome back, friend!

Hope, you enjoyed your time in Oman.

Every country has its strange things ;-)
Thanks Server, I did enjoy it there, but the time was too short...
nash, thanks for visiting my blog, i'm enjoying reading yours...

I am glad you enjoy reading my blog. Let me know if you have any suggestions :)
OH Nash...nice notices ;)

I liked the last one, reflecting the trust and safety of our country. Yet, there are some exceptions, but they are not representing the majority of Omani People.

LOOOL …as for the sunglasses…many people don't wear them "my grand mother wear sunglasses!!". Once, I did and wore BLUE sunglasses and I turned heads, so now I don't wear sunglasses if I'm not facing the sun directly. :)

Generally, people here accustomed to the weather and with the burning sun and most of them don't wear sunglasses or holding umbrellas.

I remember one of my teachers "She was Indian lady", holding her umbrella and wearing sunglasses when she go out. I joked with her by saying: "Mss, it's not raining?!!!" , she replied with smile: "it's raining fire!!" and we laughed. Old Sweet memories ….

Sama dear,

Blue sunglasses? Oh I must have seen you then :)

I am always impressed when I go to Nizwa and see all those open shops with no one in sight. I hope it stays this way forever...
Nizwa....Hmmm Like a hint.
you are from Nizwa...arn't you!??

well, i didn't wear that Blue one anymore...even thought i love BLUE...prefer all things to be BLUE, but i will take black.
Am not from Nizwa, even though I have relatives living close to Nizwa... But I do go to Nizwa a lot, whenever I have a chance.

Well, I must have seen someone else then, wearing blue glasses. You wear black ones, I prefer clear glass sunglasses :)
lol nice observations nash!

Just before I left Oman, they had just started with the golf carts, I'd rather walk to be honest, even if it's boiling hot!

I wear sunglasses:D Well, sometimes anyway, lol! Can't wait to drive my car again next week while wearing my sunglasses!

Even though I enjoy driving, but there are times where I prefer either someone drives, or to get on a train, bec I wont have road worries.

By the way, did you know that you cannot wear sunglasses to the gym :)
i cant drive without my sunglasses. the darker bigger the better!
oh well, at least there are people who actually wear sun glasses in Oman. I will try my best to spot them on my next visit. Thanks for dropping by :)
Very nice site!
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