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Friday, June 09, 2006


World Cup Fever

With less than three hours to kick off, I thought it would be interesting to predict winners. One month or so later we can find out how we did.

So for me its:

1. Brazil
2. Germany
3. Argentina

Hi Nash...Nice Blog.
Yeah, you meant to say Argentina not Argebtina. ;p

as for me I Like Brazil and Argentina. but I don't watch the games...I prefer to know the result in the end and not live in hell waiting and cursing ;)
Hi Sama, thanks. Yes, I meant Argentina. So you said Brazi and Argentina, I guess that was your first and second choice, what about third?

I suggest you watch the game, it wont be that bad!
Yeah... Dear
I like France too for Zidane only ;)

and England for Queen ;p

but I wish truly that The Arab Teams will make a miracle and be the 1, 2, or 3.

Well, I will try to watch...but that will give me the fever of games :(
Let me try and see first :)
I too wish Saudi, Iran or Tunis to give outstanding performance.

Maybe someday Oman will qualify for worldcup :)
I really wish that...
especially that we have excellent players. Ali Al-Habsi, Emad and Bader and many others.
in that day, i will try to be in their side in the same land :)

Maybe we can go together ;p

We do have good players, its just a matter of time before we qualify .

Sure we can go together, but promise you will pay for my ticket? :)

By the way, I have promised my friends to buy them dinner everytime Saudi, Iran or Tunis wins. I later realised that Saudi plays against Tunis, well, too late to back out!
So funny.
Don't worry...i will pay for ur ticket If God give us a long life ;p
you promised already, so you can't back out now. Well, what if they tie!!!
or should be a winner!!
really i don't know that much about rules, but wish one of them will be a big winner at the end.
let's hope :)
I never thought of a tie, thanks for mentioning, bec if there us a tie, I won't have to buy dinner :)
& I don`t know.

Actually, I enjoy watching unexpected winners.

I remember that perfect game of Senegal 4 years ago!
It was soooooooo nice & interesting.
because nobody was waiting for this :)

P.S. no, I studed at school with boys also... & don`t worry, we all could understand each other :P
Its true, it can be nice supporting weak teams, you sometimes get unexpected results.

Well I am sure each type of school has its own advantages :)
hi nash :

i would say :

1- Argentina
2- Argentina
3- Italy

my best favorite teams

miss ur posts .. keep up please

Its always nice to read your comments.

Hmmm, Argentinian fan eh? Lets wait and see.

What happened to your blog? I hope you havent stopped blogging, or am I clicking the wrong buttons ? :)
Well, Hope they will tie nash. and yea we should support other weak teams...who knows? could one of them surprise us one day and be in the top.

I hope you can update your blog daily or each 2 days.

Weak teams do come up with surprises, for example, in the last European championship, Greece took everyone by surprise.

Oh Sama, upgrade daily? I wish I could do that, but this time I promised my friends I won't disappear as I did a couple of times. Well, not for long :)
Yea, you are right!

try to put a simple posts like this one each 2 days or 3-4 times a week. sounds fair to me ;)

well, are you omani or some1 related to oman somehow...and are you living in UK or Oman???
Don't's Just a Q...
I try to come with creative posts which will eventually turn into a book I can sell, kidding :)

I am Omani living in UK for the last few years. But I go back to Oman regularly.

I take it you are Omani living in Oman, right?
Yep Yep Yep

I'm Oman.

but i have my plans and inshallah i will go to UK if my plans went as i wish.

Pray For Me ;p
Inshallah they will. One learns a lot by living abroad.
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