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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


World cup guide for the other halves

With world cup around the corner, most of us guys will have something to aspire about for the next thirty days.

Without risking to be sexist to my female friends and relatives, football is something that they will never

understand. They might understand scoring (it will be on the screen anyway), but try to explain to a woman what off-

side means.

Now, having said that, I don't thing our other halves should be ignored at all.

There has always been a tug of war as to which sex is smarter, its a war between us and them. We might think we are

smarter bec we scored with a pretty woman, or because we have higher paid jobs, or because we can walk in dark alleys

without an escort.

But lets not kid ourselves guys, are we really smarter? Will you call someone who slaves 18 hours a day, works like a

donkey, all he lives for is the next pay raise? I can go on endlessly, but will leave you to fill in the blanks.

Now, lets look at our other halves.

They make us pay for dinner, they dont even pay tips.

We buy them houses, cars, clothes, makeup kits etc.

We tolerate their mood swings, we buy them presents, flowers, remember their birthdays, anniversaries etc.

To top it all, if the marriage gets dissolved, they scoop everything we own, except our depts.

Now tell me, who is smarter here?

Back to Germany, a word of warning to my fellow guys. Women do really love football, but they act dumb, here is how

they get us.

Bad moods when you watch football. Who gets the remote.

I met this guy who told me he manages to control his other half while watching football.

How do you do it hero?

Simple, I trade a remote control for my credit card, as long as I can watch my favorite game, she can do all the

shopping she wants.

Oh yea, smart alec!

Terribly sexist and patronising post. Here is something for you:

1. I am a woman
2. I know perfectly well what an offside is, although I couldn't care less about footie.
3. I don't mind if hubby watches footie - it's a World Cup after all.
4. I don't need his credit card - I have my own, thank you very much.
5. Add to it that I don't need "his" remote - we have two tellies.
6. Oh and I HATE shopping.
7. I don't have to make comparisons to know that women are a smarter sex because they are.
Haha! Great one there Qatar Cat! You took the words out of my mouth.. Well except for a few points..

I AM a woman..I too know what offsides are..I know what the Referee's signals are.. lol.. I know I know .. you'd say "with the exception of those women who DO know" ..*rolleyes*

I hate shopping too.. but I sure do love football.. And I know in the future,I'll be watching footie with my hubby.. World Cup, Champions League.. Even friendly matches!
qatari cat:

The post was not mean to be sexist, I meant it a joke. I am sorry if it came out as a bad joke. By the way, I myself dont know what an offside it.

blind melon:

Thanks for visiting. Please note most of what I post is for fun, nothing serious.
Ha, Nash,

My comment was for fun too! :P
I never meant it to sound harsh on you, and I am sure Melon didn't, either.

It's just one of those men vs. women things that go on forever and will never have a winner, so we might as well argue and joke about it!

You know, Nash, when I was 14 I had to change my class... so I started to study with new classmates (I mean girls only now).

Ohhh, boy!

It was terrible... but I loved these crazy girls & they made me even go to watch local championship.

It seems, you don`t know girls well ;-) (joke)

Support Qatar Cat & Blind Melon.

Also... really... its a World Cup!
Even I watch it!!! :)
Qatar Cat:

Its a no win situation for either sex, but at the end of the day we have to live together.

I am sure you were more relaxed in girls only school. You are right, I can never understand women, no matter how much I tried :) I am also not sure if they understand themselves :)

And yes, football can get boring at times, honestly I can find a better use of my time than watching a bunch of sweaty guys kicking and running after a ball.
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