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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Going Away - Again

I plan to go away for two weeks or so, a bit longer this time.

I will be gone to Oman again, hopefully this time I will be able to update the blog.

I plan to go to Dubai, as I haven't been there for a while. The thing about Dubai is that the hotels are either too expensive or too cheap. I hate staying at cheap hotels as much as I hate paying for expensive hotels!

Again… :(

Well, it's good to go out and visit places
Dubai is good and wonderful shopping place for Ladies :D

Wish you wonderful time there and write about your notices.
Nice to know your remarkable notices on places and peoples.
ahem ahem....i am in dubai....if u need anything, let me know.


Thanks, am already in Oman now, the heat is not as bad as I thought, I just hope it improves.

If I find something remarkable, I will try and post it here.

Yes, Dubai is a wonderful shopping haven, especially for ladies. I am still contemplating whether or not to go, any way, this time I will be here a bit longer, so lets see how it goes.


Thanks, I would really love a ride in a brand new Infinity :)
Honestly, I never thought you could meet real caring people on the net, yourself and Sama have proved me wrong :)

In Dubai I usually love to visit shopping centers, even though I don't shop much. Last time I was there I was impressed when I saw a shopping center full of computer shops, forgot what its called. Prices are crazy, nothing like what they have in UK.

I am hoping to visit Ibn Batuta this time. Can you pls tell me of anything else interesting? I know there is a famous indoor skiing, but am not really keen on that. Any huge bookstores? Shopping centers? Especially to do with Arabic books...
Oh, I even did not know about it.

How is it... again... ok, lucky you:)

Enjoy it & see you later!
Nash...........I'm worry!
Where r u?
Hope u r fine.
My Dear Server,

My holiday is almost over.. I cant believe how fast days move when you have plenty of free time... It is really great to be on holiday and get away from it all, remember the feeling when you were done with your exams?

Sama Dear,

Thanks again for the kind message. I am doing fine, I just dont get on the net much, too much socialising I guess :)
I really appreciate your messages. Please feel free to drop me a line anytime, would love to hear from you:
I remember that feeling :)

Wish you the best.
Awwwwwwwww Nash.

Happy to know u r fine and nothing wrong.
Thanks God.

Thank you so much for this nice offer.
Well, I can't contact anyone now. i have my reasons, but thank you for trusting me and giving me ur e-mail.
I will be around.
i will put comments for you when u r away to know i was here.

Thank You :)
where's nash? it's definatly been longer than two weeks. we're geting lonely


Are you out there.......??!!

Hope you are fine and just enjoying a time out.

Write anything to know you are Okay.


Stay Safe.
Sama dear,

Thanks for all the messages. I am fine just got back to UK. As usual I had fantastic time in Oman, plus the weather was quite encouraging.

I am sure you have your own reasons for not wanting to contact anyone at this time, and I do respect that.

I will start posting regularly soon... again, I appreciate your regular visits and concern, you are indeed a true friend.


I am back, thanks, you wont get lonely any longer :)
I would like to apologize. I visited your blog a while ago and totally forgot about. Im only visiting again now since u just made a comment on mine. I feel bad.

So you came to Oman and left again??!! Hope you had a good time. Promise to pay more attention to your blog.
PS Ive linked your blog on mine. A way to remind me to always visit u

Totally forgot about my blog? :(

Since you have resumed visiting me, then don't feel bad.

Was in Oman for two weeks or so. There was so much to do, so many places to see, relatives to visit...

I do plan to pay attention to the blog, but unfortunately got many things that need paying attention to :)
Thanks for the link, am sure you wont be disappointed :)

Welcome Back Dear ;)
nash i'm so annoyed. i was well on my way to being addicted to your posts, but now withdrawl is kicking in. when are you ever going to post again?!
sama dear,

Thanks :). I am back and will start regular posting soon.


The last thing I would do is to get you annoyed. So enjoy the posts :)
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