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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Ladies First... Ladies First?

This expression has become at the tip of every 'gentleman's' tongue. We end up opening the doors for them, letting them get into cabs, board trains before us. Also we pull chairs and do all sorts of things for ladies. But why, why do we do it. Call it religous, call it cultural, or maybe call it courtesy. But do we really know where this habit stemmed from?

Ok, maybe we don't know, then do we ask ourselves why we do it, I mean why can't it be the other way round. Why can't the ladies open doors for us, or pull our chairs?

Is this probably one of those old age traditions that we just follow. Well, actually it is not. This was fully explained in a recent TV program called 'Kaifa Wa-Akhawaatuha' (The How's family). This is nicknamed after a famous Arabic grammatical rule 'Kana Wa-Akhawaatuha'. Anyway this started as a love story between two teenagers who could not keep their eyes off each other. After many months of courting, they decided it was time to tie the knot. The shocking moments came when both their parents refused on the grounds that they were from different social upbringing. This did not deter them from meeting, in fact it made them bond even stronger. When they realised nothing they can do will earn their parents' approval of their relationship, they decided only one thing will keep them together, forever.

Yes, you guessed it, death. Death is the only thing that can make them inseparable.

With this in mind, they suggested the time and place, prepared strong poison and ready for the final road to happiness.

At this point, the boy uttered his last farewell and the girl promised to meet him the other side in a few moments.

After taking the first gulp, a strong poison took over his body, seconds later he went limp. Upon seeing this, the girl looked in horror, turned to see if there was anyone around, and ran away.

When the story came out, a few days later, the girl confessed to all the plan, since that day men decided: its Ladies first!

LoL i read something that said that before..

but hey.. i enjoy being a gentleman n im not doin it for security..

lol yeah I've read about this somewhere too, but in the story I read, the guy jumped off a cliff or something.

Anyway, I guess it's good manners for a guy to let the lady go first, because men being the tougher, physically that is, should let women go first. Now I'm a person who calls for equality, but I do however highly respect a man who lets a lady goes first, it just shows me that he's a gentleman.

You wanna know what the guys do in squ? If they open a door and they're in front of you, they won't hold it for you, oh no, they'll just push the door real hard and walk in fast, giving you just enough time to go in or to hold the door before it closes, lol.

Well not all of em', but it's happened so many times to me (and no I don't like it), you either open it and hold it properly or don't bother!

Its always nice to be a gentleman, some girls appreciate it, remember, I said some, not all :)


Its true women do enjoy the courtesy of having doors opened etc, but since the introduction of women lib, some flatly refuse to have doors held, chair pulled etc, i have seen it with my own eyes, a guy pulls a chair, and this girl pushes it back, saying women lib, i dont need that.

As for myself I usually hold the door open, for anybody who is behind me, man or woman.
Some women expect us to open car doors, ok I might do it while getting in, but she should not expect me to open the door for her to get out.

Hmm, I think squ guys need to take Courtesy 101, thats not nice at all.
LoL Nash openin the car door for her while getting out is slavary
living here in sharjah, i dont see much of this "ladies first" policies being practiced. Guys open door and walk through first, guys leave the elevators first before letting a woman enter or leave, and i have seen families where men enter shops/ restaurants first before letting the female members of the family enter....

Thanks goodness I was born and brought up in a country where opening doors for ladies and pulling chairs and helping with the coat was the norm. I do miss it in the Middle East! Luckily for me, my husband enjoys doing it as much as I appreciate it that he does :^)
Tell me about it - lol...

Maybe you should start the trend, who knows, it might catch on

Qatar Cat,
It is nice to know ladies appreciate when we do this :)
Oh Nash….this is hilarious
I mean… I never knew this story before.
Well, don't blame the girl…
for God sake, she saw the boy and how that poison tortured him and she know that will happen to her too and die, so it was hard to follow him. If they did that at the same time, no other thought will come to her or to him.
Well, we don't encouraging teenagers to do so. That's really stupid thing.

So, not being polite is the reason behind "Ladies First".
You want to push us to death First.

I still can't stop laughing
Finally, I could laugh after all this depressed situation.

Anyway, I really appreciate men who do this for all women and not flattering some and dumping some.
yeah i heard about the cliff one too

anyways i think a guy should do this and when he does it shows affection and protectiveness on his woman. and thats very masculine and sexy. :$

(revealing too much am i??)

Its nice on our part to be protective, but the story also shows that men dont trust women thats why we always say 'ladies first'.

Its hard to keep balance on the net, betweeen what to reveal and what not to :)
I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you! » »
Keep up the good work »
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