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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Not Without my "Brother"

Imagine this, you got into an agreement, you end up with more than expected. Too good to be true?

This is what our Bahraini cousin amassed during his nine year marriage. The lover boy married his Asian queen, who one year later requested her 'brother' joins them to form a Three's Company.

Apparently the brother came to Bahrain looking for a job and it was suggested he shared the accommodation with Romeo and Juliet. Nine years later, it turned out that the brother was the actual Romeo who fathered four of the five kids. It took nine years for our cousin to walk in and catch them red handed.

I can't help but feeling sorry for our cousin. On the other hand, there are a few lessons in life that we learn the hard way. Is that why we were given homeworks in elementary school?

I guess doing homework helps.

In case you are wondering, I didn't just make this up, you can read it all here

CRAP! what a position to be in!

Well, Mansur, I wish for no one to be in this position. I guess ti this the worst thing to happen to a person...
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oh my GAWD!!! hee hee. i love middle-eastern law!! at least they both got punished. here the poor husband would be stuck with alimony and child support for all 5 kids and have bad credit for the rest of his life while "juliet" would live happily ever after with her "brother". wow.
OMG, I can't imagine myself in such a situation.

What about the kids? I can't imagine the Bahraini man abandoning them after raising them as his own, though it must be rather difficult to be around them in the beginning..
Oh Nash dear…
this is awful….
How he couldn’t find out by tracking the family name and other things to be sure he is really her brother or not.
Besides, how he agreed to let him live with them.
It's hard to believe that he took 9 years to know.
Really hard!

BTW, did you change your template?!!
Yes I agree, the laws are quite good over here. Honestly, I feel the guy should be punished as well, for sheer stupidity... again,thanks for visiting, your comments are always valued...

I know, he is an a difficult position, but I guess he would let go of the kids. For me I can't imagine the nerver the woman had, how did she manage to time pregnancies!
Sama dear, I was thinking the same, I mean he did not do his homwrok, put simply. The were probably whispering sweet nothings in from of him, since he didnt know the language, and yes Sama, nine whole years, this guy is an embarassment to all the guys. He needs to be put away for a long time, before he does it again :)
I bet the lovers will be back to their home country, starting a new life and laughing their heads off...
Oh yea Sama, you noticed the new template. I admit its ugly, I still need to work on it. The reason I chose this one is bec its got a wider margins, so you dont have to scroll much to read. I need to create profile, change colors and a lot other fancy stuff, maybe you can help me with some ideas, bec yours is so beautiful, and so is Qatari Cat's.
LOL Nash.

I was still thinking about this story.

I was thinking about the kids.
I mean the kids which the DNA test proved that the lover is their real father. How they will mange to face this reality….are they gonna go with their low mother and her lover or will stay with their big sister and her real father. It is so horrible to face that. I will not blame the real husband if he refused to keep them with him, but how that will effect the big sister to see her younger siblings go away and to know that her mother cheated her father with nasty lover.
I'm really sorry for the kids only…
I hope they will manage to pass through this crisis.

As for your template…I think it's okay even thought it's more simple than I can imagine. So, you want to add things yourself.
Hmmmm… I chose a ready template and I chose others too to try them in near future. But I want to make my own special picture instead of that blondie girl. I'm too lazy to complete what I want to do. I don't know how to rid of my laziness, but I will try to start….very soon :D

Here you are the websites that I visited to select my own templates…

you can select one and change it as you like. I kept play and change and modify and preview till I fixed my recent template…there are 2 others I still try to fix them to try them on my blog.
This is insane.


I don't even know what to say - I'd probably kill the woman if I were this guy.
Dear Nash
Where are you?!!!
Hope you are fine and doing well.
Tell us if you are busy,. so will not be worry that much. :)
Sama Dearest, thanks a lot for checking me, am doing great, just a little busy bec I am going away soon, so I need to cover a lot of work... again I cant tell you how much I appreciate your message, you are indeed a true friend...
Very cool design! Useful information. Go on!
» » »
sheesh i heard about this

if i was one of the kids i wouldve killed myself. damn masakeen.

PS. We dont mind scrolling Nash but PLEEEAAAASSSSSEEE change the template. i would give u my link but I dont remember it. SOWWEEE

I cant help but feeling sorry for the kids, I suppose they will move back to their home country so they can start a new life.

I will change it, I promise, I got good links from sama, but just have not gotten into it yet. If you have any more links I would appreciate it...
Hi Nash,
I missed this news..! Anyway I suppose when you marry someone, you would want to know who their families are...right ? you get to meet the parents/brothers/sisters. How could he marry without knowing the family ? I wonder which country she came from... but I can have a good guess...!
Sad story but a good lesson for us all.
I didnt find thing that i need... :-(
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Keep up the good work »
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