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Saturday, August 19, 2006


Inbox mania, not all junk

Availability of emails has revolutionised the way we communicate with our loved ones (and not so loved ones).

People used to write letters, wait for months to get a reply. Then soon it became telophones, also wait for a month to get your phone bill, and now its the Internet.

The level of keeping in touch has raised but the value of what we receive has fallen.

I receive many types of emails, some from close family members, others from friends, and the most imposing ones are junk mails, from unknown sources. Thanks to junk mail filters I don't have to worry much about those.

I am sure you have all received at one point or other emails warning you not to drink coke because it is used to clean toilets, or not to go to movies because some pycho might have might have stuck an hiv infected needle on a chair, oh, how about a donation for little Amy because she needs medical attention, its just little Amy has been three since 1994. If we abide to what these email we will stink like dogs, because deodarant causes breast cancer.

How about just ignoring these emails, and pretend you never read them. We humans are curious in nature, as for myself, I usually check the contents, and if I feel this is something that cannot be ignored, I would do a google search, which usually would end up telling you if this was fact or just a hoax.

One of the emails that caught my attention a few months back was talking about saving life of a stroke victim victim. Now this is a serious stuff, saving a loved one's life is something we all ought take it serious. But how genuine was the email? Just to jog your memory, the email was talking about an ancient chinese cure called Blood Letting.

In short: If person gets a stroke, instead of rushing him/her to the hospital, administer a blood letting technique. What this means is simply prick the tip of each finger, then squeeze and let the blood come out. Also prick the tip of each toe, and keep squeezing, prick the ear lobes and do the same, in less than 10 minutes the patient should come about.

The email went on explaining the internals which I can't remember now, but most of the stuff sounded scientific.

After a couple of searches in google, it turned out, with scientific backing backing, that the email was a hoax. So I replied to the sender, a relative of mine, explaining that this was just a hoax and to ignore the email.

A few weeks later I received a similar email and immediately replied that this is a hoax, and the sender replied back saying he has seen it perfomed in front of him, successfully. I still was not convinced, but did not reply back.

Well, my skeptism was put to test a few months later. I was in Oman at the time, at a relative's house, when all of a sudden we were told a lady had a stroke. The first thing they did was to get a needle, and the daughter started pricking the finger tips, while others were gently squeezing the blood out, at first she was breathing heavily, and as time went by, I could see her eyes were getting normal and the breathing subsides. All this was happening in front of my own eyes. The whole performance took less than 15 or 20 minutes. Finally she was back to normal again. The lady was in a state of life and death and blood letting method saved her life.

A word of caution, do not ignore your inbox, not everything is a junk.

A stronger word of caution:
Please please please, DO NOT take this as method to save stroke victim. This was performed by a person who has done it before, and was getting help from another person who has experienced it.

It all depends on the level of stroke, age of the victim and many other factors.


i dont know about you, but i prefer not to know these things because i dont ever want to be put in a position where i knew what to do yet didnt do it for any reason. knowing me i would the one sitting in the corner crying and panicking
3anooda, What you say is right, but sometimes people act on impulse. Saving someone's life is the best gift you can give to that person. But it is also true as you said, some people just cant operate on those situations...
I read everything I can find in my mail box at work.

I save something & resend to my home mail, if I find it interesting or usefull.

So, I understand very well what you are speaking about ;-)
Me too, I save most of the stuff and only delete once I fund they are useless. For example, I am still not sure how true the deodarant warning is, bec I have received it so many times, there must be some truth in it...
if i read everything i have in my inbox i will never move out of my seat

i get about 40 to 60 junk mails per DAY.

40 to 60 junk mails per day? One of the problems is you are using hotmail. Try change to gmail, I use gmail and hardly get any junk mails at all...
ive had my email address for thirteen years. dont wanna give it up

i got yahoo and gmail and my work one and another random one. but im sticking to my faithful hotmail
I received few months back this mail about not ironing underware and how it causes some kind of bakteria to grow and the image attached was just gross .. I couldnt take the pic out of my mind .. and it turned out false!

Another email is about asparatim in diet coke and how its toxic .. whenever I have diet coke (which is not frequent) I remmber this mail and I start worrying if I should stop or not :p

I try to read, but I dont beleive everything I read .. i like to get the info from scientific source before spreading it.

Oh ok, so you dont want to give up your hotmail address, that makes sense sinc you had it for 13 years. BUt I still feel 40 emails per day is a lot. Did you set the junk mail filter on?


I know, some of these emails can get so gross. Especially the one with KFC, saying the chicken are actually genetically modified, and they are not real chicken. Even though I love KFC, I stopped going there after reading that email. My friends know why I dont go do KFC, and they have made it a point to drag me there on more than one occasion.
This is really good post Nash…
I receive many junk mails….
I simply ignore and delete without checking.
So, it's my first time to read these things…
Well, I'm really surprise with this technique and method for Stroke Victim.
Yet… I prefer to ignore these junk mails and take any information from trusted sources.
woooohoooo!!! a post by nash!!! i'm so happy i might have a STROKE!!! keep your needles handy!!
A lot of times, or lets say most of the time I delete forwards, because I'm not bothered to read them for many reasons, mostly because they're just a waste of time!

I'd rather get a personal email from someone I know.

As for that theory of treatment of stroke with a needle. I don't buy it. I'm sorry, but with what I know about stroke and how to manage strokes, this method makes no sense at all!

Thanks :) I hardly read any junk. But I read forwarded mails, I normally read the first three lines, and then decided whether its a matter of interest to me.


The needles are ready, but no one to use them on :)


Its good to get a medical opinion from someone like yourself. You see, when I first read it, I did not believe it until I saw the treatment done infront of my own eyes. This is an eastern medicine which the west can never understand, same as the western medicine cannot be understood by the east. I prefer to take the best of both.
how about u invest the time to read a few of these forwards in changing ur template???!!!!

pretty please with a cherry on top!!!

Thanks for the encouragement. I really have plans to give a face lift to my blog. The thing is, my Internet at home is screwed up, I cant spend time in the office playing with the blog. But thanks again for this, and it is going to happen, sooner than later :)

Oh yea, cherry on top, that will be something to work on.
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