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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Tagged by Sama

(Translation: A. Princess)
1. Are you happy with your blog, the template and what you write?

Lets say I am contented, but not happy. My blog still needs a lot of work, thanks to 3anooda for her reminders, but this is something that has to be done.
The blog has completely diverted from what it was supposed to contain. Anyway, its fine at the moment, so lets leave it this way.

2. Does your immediate family know about your blog?

Ooops, forgot to tell them, thanks for the reminder.

3. Are you embarassed to tell a friend about your blog? or do you consider it something personal?

How personal can this blog get? Its on the net for anyone to peruse.

4. Did blogs brought a postive impact on your thoughts? If the answer is yes, give examples.

A lot of things and people brought a positive impact on my thoughts.

5. Do you only visit blogs that visit you or do you explore other blog?

Where will the humankind be without exploration, of course I explore, I don’t just explore blogs, I explore everything.

6. What the does visitor count mean to you? and do you think its important to put it?

I don’t thing it’s a good idea to put the count in, it might gives me a false sense of importance.

7. Do you try to picture your friends in blogs?

I do that all the time. The picture gets clearer as I read more, then all of a sudden it goes blur, because of what they have posted. I then have to draw a different picture, I tell you it’s a hard work drawing those mental pictures.

8. Do you see a real benefit from blogging?

There must be some benefit out there, otherwise why do you think those people keep blogging day in day out.

9. Do you thing that the blogging society is an isolated society or it reflects whats happening around us?

Yes, bloggers are isolated, they don’t tell people when to expect new article, they just do it.

10. Are you bothered with criticisim? or you feel its healthy?

Criticism on my blog? Never had any so far.

11. Are you scared of Political Blogs?

Some of those political blogs can get really scary, especially the ones which show tanks, guns, blood, killings. People should be more considerate on what they post.

12. Were you shocked by the arrest of some bloggers?

When did that happen?

13. Did you think of what will happen to this blog when you die?

Never thought of that, but hey, thanks for bringing this up.

14. Whats the song you would like to link it to this blog?

I don’t know any good songs, suggestions anyone??

15. Who would you like to pass it to?

Jawaher (yes again :))
Xena (you need to come back girl)

maybe i'm just morbid, or maybe i think i'm more important than i really am, but i'm always thinking of what would happen to the blog if i died...would someone post a final post to let people know? i hate those bloggers that just disapear and no one knows what happened to them...maybe i should put it into my will?
I know what you ment, its like you meet someone so nice and all of a sudden they stop calling without explanation. But the way I look at it, its life we got to move on.
Good..........Not bad :)

i think an Omani Song will be nice to remind you about home.


"it might gives me a false sense of importance."

why do you think you are not important ...

you can add something here and people can share your thoughts...agree or disagree...
so you are important...

thank you for answering....

Take Care :)
Sama dear, I feel important already after reading your comments.

Omani song, yes I will try and get some omani folklore, that should make it interesting, thanks :)
Dude my first ever tag!!! Thanks Nash. What am I supposed to do now??

No probs, all you need to do is copy the questions, and paste them onto your blog as a new topic. Will be interesting to read your answers.
nows ur chance - my answers are up
that was fast! weldone
thanks for tagging me..that makes me feel wanted! lol! Will try to get my answers up soon...

Intresting lol!

you are always wanted, dead or alive! :)


welcome to my blog, hope you like what you read :) Where will we be without some sense of humour?
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