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Monday, September 04, 2006


Cutting down time

Since I started the new job, about eight months ago, I have noticed myself spending a lot of time indoors. The working hours are 9 to 5, but sometimes I end up leaving the office at 6 or 6:30.

Once I get home, there is nothing to do except watching television and going to sleep. Well, we do arrange outings, dinners and movies once in a while. Weekends are usually hectic, but nothing which require physical effort.

As a result, I have noticed a few kgs creeping up, so I guess its a wakeup call to act. Well, last week I decided to go to the gym, actually am not a gym person, I have never been to a gym in Oman, but since its my only option here, I decided to give it a try.

I called a friend who told me he has a spare promotional ticket, so off we went.

I have nothing to compain about the gym, state of the art equipment, no waiting or any machines, excellent service. I then head to the changing room. One thing I can never get used to living in this country is seeing people fully dressed in their birthday suits, yes there they were, guys in birthday suits without a care in the world. Oh well, I had to proceed trying to keep my eyes at head level.

Since I started exercise, I have been obsessed with wait loss. I am in it for getting fit, but I started going for the scales. I found it quite interesting the way our bodies behave, for example, my ideal weight is 75 kgs. I have gone as low as 68 or 69, and I wasnt happy with my weight, it took me a long time to increase it. I have now gone to 78/79, so I have to work hard and get it down.

I started taking my weight every morning, or whenever I can, its interesting how the weight varies throught the day.

Anyway, my goal is to get to 72, lets see how long that will take, wish me luck :)

i have skinny guys. i dont know. i like my guy with a bit of meat on him. i like a guy who when he hugs me i dissappear. someone who when faced with trouble, will look intimidating

but thats just me. i say keep the weight on.
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Good Luck

you just beat me............
I didn't stick to my diet and exercising thing. not an option here...

well, i don't trust places like these.

but it's cool to lose weight and feel healthy.

LOL………I hate my look now…….

i almost reached 100 kg!!!


that's awful!!!

Can I join you?! :D

Too skinny is not good, see I am 175 cm tall. So I feel comfortable with 75 kg, but I will feel better if a bit less, so technically I am 3 to 4 kgs overweight.

Actually am more concerned with my health, I will feel a bit lazy if I have more weight on.
You should always go for skinny guys, but not too skinny, fat guys tend to be couch potatoes...

Sama dear,

If you are really determined, you can lose.

What I normally do, is cut my food into halves, I dont go on diet, but eat half of everything.

If you want my suggestion, don't wait for tomorrow, start today, change your life style, eating habit, and find the exercise you enjoy. For example, for me, I love swimming, tennis, mountain climbing. If I get a chance I could go swimming two to three hours a day, and believe me, swimming is the best exercise, you get muscle toning and lose weight.

Yes dear you can join me :)

Now here is a challenge for you, keep us informed on your progress every week. Deal?
eating half what you would normally eat is a good way to eat sensibly. Another thing, eat as slow as you can, because it takes about 20 mins for your brain to register that you are full. Another thing, drink a full glass of water before your meal, this will reduce your intake of food. Key thing, eat sensibly.


that's more difficult than drawing a portrait for Jeff.

I will try
but without details!

I don't know even know how i told you about my weight?!!!

really embarrassing :''(

I dont think its a good idea to drink water just before meal, I usually take fruit and then take my meal. But I agree when you said you should eat slowly, atually you enjoy the food better that way :)


Nothing to be embarassed about. Remember, we are in full control of our lives. If you are really determined, then nothing can stop you from doing it. The only thing is when you decide, you should say: "I will start now". Not tomorrow or day after. The most important thing when you exercise, is do something you love, not to force yourself, otherwise it wont work. Having said that, waiting for your updates :)))
Ooooo, welcome to the exercise world. It's fun, it's knackering, and yesssss it's addictive!

I'm an exercise freak. I love working out, and I love reading about fitness, you'd be surprised at the books I have. My trainer always laughs at me telling others that by the time I finish my medical degree, I'll be a professional fitness instructor as well lol (which is my goal btw :P)

It takes 30 days for something to become a habit.

Nash, try talking to your instructor at the gym and let him/her help you put a program together for your exercise and diet, because then you won't be doing anything randomly but you'll have profssional guidance to help you along the way.

I can always give you a few tips if you want! :)

Exercise is your way to a healthy and happy life. It produces the happy hormones, endorphins. You'd be surprised at how exercise is always one of the top of any management plan for any medical problem.

Stay fit people!

Thanks for the encouragement. Actually I am not a gym person, but I love to stay fit and eat healthy food. But since I live in this country I am limited on outdoor activities, thats why I decided to hit the gym.

Initially I will be doing once a week, bec I dont want to sign up and ending up not going to the gym. But since once a week is not enough, I decided to buy my own equipment, so I bought a cross trainer which now am working on daily basis.

I dont have a personal trainer yet, bec I am not a member.

When it comes to diet, I have cut down on junk food, ok maybe once or twice a week. No fuzzy drinks, less sugar. I limit my tea intake to one cup a day, and try and drink water as much as I can.

Anyway thanks for offering tips, the first question I have is, when will I see the kilos dropping off? Bec I was watching celebreties program when they want to lose weight to play a particular role, they would train 4 hours a day on weekdays and 6 hours a day on weekends, there is no way I am doing that.
Hi Nash,
Just dropping by to say hello to you...
have fun with your workouts at the gym...

take care..!!

thanks for dropping bye :)
Having your own treadmill is a good idea, of course you have to do it regularly and to continuously challange yourself.

You don't need to work out for 4-6 hours/day to start losing weight. 60 minutes of cardio per day are more than enough.

Interval training is always the best way for quick results. This involves you challanging yourself for a short time and then taking it easy. So if you're on the treadmill and you're walking with a speed of 6.5, try to increase it to 8 (since ur just beginning) and run as fast as you can for like 2-3 minutes and then slow down. So you're going up and down, interval training.

Weight lifting regimen should be added to your workout. You need both to tone up and increase your fitness level.

Depending on how you fix your diet and the amount of exercise you do, you should start seeing results in 3 weeks, of course, you need to remember not to starve yourself. You gotta eat to lose weight, but you gotta eat smartly.
So how is it going now?

I prefer thin men :D

& I would like to get rid os some kgs.

But I'm lazy :-/
& I eat all these cheeps, chocolate, candies, ice-cream... I can't live without it.
& Not going :P
I heard there was a formula of calculating ideal weight. Anyone have any idea ?

Please tell me!

And another one,
I play soccer and swimming every Saturday and tennis on Sunday but I think I can't loose my weight. Anyone with medical background or health knowledge, please tell me why why whyyyyy???

Thanks for the tip. I didnt buy a treadmill, I bought crossbars. I workout 20 mins each morning, then go to the gym once a week. I swim for one hour and treadmill for 20 mins.


Well, I havent seen the results yet, but I must have dropped 1 kg, because I am now around 78 to 78.5. I dont think I train as I should. I should do more, but when, how?

Oh, you prefer thin guys, then looks like my chances are slim :) Or maybe I should just work harder...


Thanks for stopping by.

As a rough estimate, your height in cm, minus 100 should give you ideal weight. For example, I am 175 cm tall, so ideally I should be 75 kg.

A more accurate estimate is called body mass index, or BMI. Take your weight in kg, divide by the square of your height in m. For example, take my case: 78/(1.75)^2 = 25.5

The average BMI is 25, so as you can see, am slightly above average.

Of course these are only guidelines, they are by no means accurate. There are other factors, for example, there is a large frame (americans, africans etc), small frame (chinese, etc) and somewhere in between.

Hope that helps.
hi Nash,
another tip to stay healthy is to eat early dinner, do not have supper, do not eat just before bedtime. I like to have my dinner at 6pm. My dinner is usually light, normally soups or salads or sandwiches and fruits. But I have a full lunch, normally rice/chicken/fish/vege. I dont take breakfast ( which is bad since it is the most important meal of the day )
My weakness is chocolate... I like to have a piece, after a meal.
If you feel hungry in between meals, munch an apple or any fruits, celery, carrots, cucumber etc. Take more vege and fish.
I have cut down on my sugar intake but I cant do without my tea with milk.
I dont go to the gym... I do some light exercise and walk a lot...
But this summer, the heat is enough to burn a lot of calories and sweat it out. Come ramadhan, I'll lose a bit more, but will put it all back after Eid..!!!
Well..take care...

Unfortunately I am not like you, I mean I am not able to spend time in preparing good meals, plus I eat out at least twice a week, mainly ist bec I go out with my friends every weekend, so no option there :(.

But thanks for the tip, yea soup, veges and fish is a good idea. I will try and make more changes in my diet.

Well, if you dont eat much, then you dont need to go to the gym, but for me, bec I work in office 8 - 10 hrs per day, so its a must, well, as long as I am here. In Oman, its a different case...
damn I'm fat!

Don't sound depressed, remember, you can always make changes to improve your life.... thats a cute little baby :)
Diet doesn't work...never dieted in my life...and it worked fine for me (and I am a girl!!!!) small portions 4 to 5 times a day...NEVER skip breakfast...and keep fit at least 3 times a would look and feel perfect...Don't forbid yourself anything cause then you will crave it more...good luck x x x

I am still as I am :(

Do you know what made it harder…

a friend sent me a gift…and guess what was?!!

Big Chocolate Box !!!!

I don't think she is a real friend otherwise she will not send a Chocolate box and she knows very well my weight problem.

Chocolate…oh yeah…too late.
Hmmmm…I have another problem I have not "Strength of will", I can't stand looking, and knowing that there is yummy chocolate near to me. So, I did the wise choice…I get rid of that box…well, what left inside that box…

I don't know why people have nothing but food ideas as gifts…you can't imagine how much I receive chocolate, sweets and lots of scary food. I get rid of them immediately otherwise I will be like an elephant.

I liked what people here said…good tips and I know most of that, but hard to stick all times in that way. Anyway, good thing is to take half things as you said before…I separated myself now and try to reduce the amount of food and try to focus on green food…try to resist my passion to chocolate and sweets and take fruits instead.
Another problem….Exercises…if I did exercises one day…I will not do it again…I'm too lazy to going out and try to walk or make some easy exercises. Do you know a site about easy exercises for beginners…

I once received by e-mail wonderful images for easy movements and exercises that can warming up our bodies and tightening our bellies….but I didn't find that images…maybe I didn't save them :(

Anyway, I have some plans and I hope it will help me somehow.

Let's Hope!
hi dear

thanks 4 the tag ....

thanks 4 remembring me ..

I will be always one of ur readers

I will try 2 be back as soon as possible

thanks again

Thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks for the tip. I agree that diet does not work, I have never attempted to go on a diet. I eat almost everything, but I try to cut down on oily foods, junk foods etc...


A box of chocolate, yes it is tempting, especially if yo are a chocolate lover, which I find most girls are. As for myself, I must say I am lucky bec I am not into chocolate, I mean I could go for months without even a sigle bite of chocolate.

What I suggest if someone gives you a box of chocolate is to give it away immediately, that way it wont be in your sight. But also try not to deprive yourself of chocolate, if this is what your heart desires, then dont give up altogether. For example, you can reward yourself with a choco bar if you have been good, eg. you have done your workout for a day, no junk food etc etc, then you can have a bar, otherwise no no no :)

As for exercise, as they say, no pain no gain. I have seen ads for electric belt which you wrap around your tummy and sit on a sofa watching tv while the weight falls off. I doubt if any of this is works.

You see Sama, the difficulty is only at the beginning, once you get into it, things will change, and you will start enjoying it, it will be part of your life.

There are plenty of nice places to walk in Oman, you can try Matrah corniche, there is a long stretch all the way to Kalboo. Or you can go to the Lovers Lane (Sharaa Al Hub), or Seeb. Just start 10 minutes a day for the first week, then second week add 5 mins, add 5 mins each week until you hit 90 mins. You are bound to see changes.

As for myself, in less then a month I have lost almost 2 kgs, not bad since I dont really exert myself.

So all the best to you, and let me know how it goes.


What a pleasure to have you back after all this time. How can I forget you :) Its good to know you have been visiting regularly. Hope to see you soon...
I guess perhaps ramadhan diet will work for me. ugh. lol.
Ramadan Mubarak to you dear Nash....................and to all of your faithful readers. :)

yes, ramadhan diet will help, but it needs to be complemented with exercise.


Thanks, Ramadhan Mubarak, I must admit I have been lazy with my blog...
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