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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Belated Eid Mubarak, How to Handle Greetings

On this day of Eid, wishing all my wonderful readers happiness and the heartiest thoughts today and throughout the year.

As we all know, this is the time where we exchange greetings with our loved ones and the ones we care for.

Long ago, people used to send greetings cards (I am sure some do, even today). Now, I just love greeting cards, for many reasons, for one, once I receive the card, I imagine what that person has gone through for the card to reach me. Lets walk through the steps: 1. He must have gone to a stationary shop, selected a card especially for me. 2. Gone home, sat down and thought what to write, so I know those words are meant for me. 3. Gone to the post office and mail the card. And 4, my fav, the card was written in a person's own handwriting, now thats what makes it special, nothing tops that. The thing is, a lot of people stopped sending cards, they found you have to write so many cards, takes up a lot of time, plus the cards were getting costly, and yes, the postal charges are quite high, so cards became things of the past.

Then came emails, you just select your contacts, write a message once, press send, its gone in seconds. It later turned out, some people stopped using their emails, bec of too many forwards and junk mails. Also, during holidays people dont check their emails, so you get greetings after holiday, too bad eh?

What now? Well, its the little beast called SMS. With SMS, you wait until the first person sends you a msg, then forward it to everyone on your list except the first person. Then wait a few mins for someone else to send, and forward to the first victim. Now whats so bad about that. Nothing bad at all. Did anyone ever wonder where the first person got his sms from? I always do.

The thing is, all we do is forward some well written piece to the contacts list. OK, it makes me happy to receive the well written note, but where is the personal touch, for me, I am a very sentimental person. I love to see personal touch in there, but I guess those days are gone.

I wonder what is next...

Eid Mubarak to you as well.

I do think that you should generalise the way you did, some people buy physical cards in bulks, they find a pack of 10 or 20 and write the same thing in all of them and just post them in one go, it does not have to be personal. The same goes for email and SMS. You should never underappreciate the fact that somebody still remembered you and actually sent that forwarded text message, that actually means a lot to many.
Blue chi,

Thanks for dropping by. Actually I do that on birthdays, I buy a stack and send out once in a while. I agree the SMS means someone outthere thinks about you, but imagine the difference it would make if you have a hand written card, signed, and with your name on it. Or maybe am just too sentimental?
Eid Mubarak Nash!

I like receiving handwritten cards too. Don't know why, but getting something through the mail always makes me happy.

And true, even with sms's or ecards, it does mean that a person took sometime to think of what to write and chose something he/she thought you might like and most importantly remembered you on this special occasion.


I find more personal when I get something that is handwritten. That's why I love getting birthday cards, or sometimes xmas cards from my friends because they know I'm definitly sending them a card too.
What I do when I send greeting smses is that I write my own greeting .. I dont just forward anything I get .. it helps making it more personalized .. and I do get people replying me back personalized messages.
dear nash, i would PERSONALLY like to wish you a very happy eid. ofcourse now i'm like a week late. sorry! you know what's annoying about eid mubarak via sms? i get charged by sprint every time someone sms's me. :(

On the other hand, we have to accept it that since they have included us in the list, they must be thinking about us. Maybe that helps a bit. But I would prefer handwritten any time. Oh well, wishful thinking :)


Looks like you have a unique set of friends, they personalize their greetings, or is it that I have a weird set of friends?

Thanks, now that makes a big difference bec I know the message is meant for me :)
Really, and I always thought Sprint was better than AT&T. Maybe its time to switch?

Thank you fore the wisit.
Most of my readers know english.
I writing my page in both language.

I love to get cards And miss the personal toutch.
Open my door and there I find a card from countrys far away.
I enjoy the email and the sms but I agree it is not the same.

Like your page a lot.
I will come back

Welcome to my blog Fancy,

Thanks for the visit, Its nice to have a visitor from Sweden. The closest I have been to Sweden is riding in a Volvo :) But I do plan to visit soon, to collect my long due Nobel Prize :)

By the way, I am from Oman currently living in UK. Its all in my profile which needs to be fixed...
you are amazing…
you just like reading my thoughts…

I used to adore sending a personal and regular mails to my friends …especially cards…I even made my own cards and my own drawings…that was so lovely and my friends loved that and started to imitate me :)
…I love to touch and smell and look deep to hand writings of each friend…with different way and different style…
Step by step… I moved to internet and e-mails and greetings sites… while now I just do exactly what you said…send same greeting or SMS to whole list in my mobile and waiting for another cute one to send it back to first sender :D LOL… sometimes I got same SMS…go go and return to me ;)

It's the fast life we are in now…stole us emotionally :(
Hi'Nash and thank you. Hope you will tell me when you arriwe, I shour want to guide you.

Cards, I will use a drum now with smoke signal...*LOL*...

hi, happy eyd! Phew this week was too busy to open blogs!

Nash, I agree with you. I love sending greeting card I create it my own! And you know what? I have a little talent of painting artistry :D

I usually use photoshop to put and modified images, usually pictures that contains me and the person I send the card to. I add some lovely writtings such as poems, but I use handwriting for telling things I wanna say to the person. Then I printed it on to photo paper (paper used to print photos). Then I send it via post (the ancient way hahah). Tiring, but so fun!

Offcourse those are for special people such as my gangs and relatives. For others I just use SMS :D

~Can't help not to comment lol.
Dear Sama,

Its sad, but I guess we have to live with it. Dont worry, next Eid I will send you a personal card, that should make a difference :)

Technology has help us stay in touch, but it also has its down side. Maybe we just need to make better use of it.

Hi Fancy,

I will sure let you know, once I arrive, I will have to avoid your winter though...
Drum with smoke signal, now that will be original :)


Welcome back, Wow, you really go through a lot sending cards. I would love to receive those cards from you. Its nice to see some people with sentiment. With people like you around, looks like there is still a hope for the future.
Sorry that you are lost,
I will send you some comfort;-)
Tequila sunrise in a frosty glass...*s*

Do you know that glass in swedish is icecream in swedish.


Oh, so that means I am getting a swedish glass called ice cream, or ice cream glass called swedish?
u jsut dont fel as special when someone send u a fwd.. its nice to feel speical that someone went through the effort o say UR NAME At least n the fwd.... a sincere EID MUBARAK is that too much to ask for?!

happy belated eid :)
u jsut dont fel as special when someone send u a fwd.. its nice to feel speical that someone went through the effort o say UR NAME At least n the fwd.... a sincere EID MUBARAK is that too much to ask for?!

happy belated eid :)
islamic choco,

Thanks for dropping by, exactly right. Ppl just end up forwarding everything that comes their way, SMS, emails etc, no more originality. I sometimes wonder of those messages originate from Telecoms Service Providers.

Thanks for the eid greetings. Now I feel special :)
neaaah not sentimental side, but welll just say, expression of my artistic side of me :D

Still, I am sure it makes the recipient feel special...
If you order icecream in Sweden you say "glass" ...LOL*...

You dont have any good jokes?
Do you have some d***y one...*LOL*

when i was in pak, a lot of messages were sent by sms, and not cards like it used to be 10 yrs ago. sms is way more popular then even e-cards now. its fast, quick, and to the point. however, i dont like the forwarded standard eid greetings because its impersonal. anyways, i am back from my break and i look forward to updating myself on your blog.

Hi' Nash.
Are you still lost in the blogsphere...*LOL*...

Hi Fancy,

I have found my way, am just a bit tied up, but am gonna untie myself. New post coming up soon, I promise :)

Thanks for looking me up...

update dear.

Where's your new post?!

Thanks, we all seem to agree that forwarded messages are impersonal, but ironically we all send thme. As for me, I send over 50 greeting messages, Imagine if I had to personalise.

Sama dear,

I am going to update, thanks for the reminder :)

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