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Sunday, October 15, 2006



A man went to a shrink to complain that he was not happy, always feeeling depressed, not a happy moment in his life,

he was on the brink of suicide. After a long session with lots of convincing and lots of give and take, the shrink

finally said, as a first suggestion, why dont you go out a lot, for example, why dont you go to fifth ave, there is a

clown who performs there, the guy is so funny, there is always large crowds, and this will help ease your worry. So

the patient goes: But doctor, you dont understant, I am that clown.

Most of us are not able to define what happiness is. Just because someone smiles, it doesn't mean they are actually

happy. What about happiness on a child's face when receiving her new toy, or a kiss from her mom, now thats


So what actually makes us happy? Is it the money? Then why do we see rich people get into depression? Is it the fame?

Well, I am sure you have heard of the number of holywood icons with all these manic depressions. Is it the success?

Japan, the most successul nations, has one of the highest suicide rate. How about being in love, ask any lover and

they will tell you how love has tortured them. Marriage, well, if marriage makes us happy there wont be divorces.

Most of us work so hard to find happiness without realising what we are going through can only make us miserables. In

the west, it is quite the norm for a person to have his/her own fitness trainer, doctor, lawyer, and yes, a personal

shrink. In order to afford one, you have to be working yourself day in, day out.

"I love to walk in the rain, that way nobody can see my teardrops", Charlie Chaplin, who made millions laugh with his

silent movies was the most depressed person of his time.

The way I look at it, we can be happy by learning to appreciate little things in life. By being satisfied on what we

do, by competing with ourselves and cooperating with others. Life is like crossing the ocean, at times you get strong

winds, so you fight hard to survive, at other times its smooth sailing, time to enjoy.

My definition of happiness is about managing expectation. So we feel happy when expectation meets reality. When these two do not match, thats where problems start to occur. So a wife who expects so much from her husband, and in reality gets less, starts losing confidence in marriage, because that is not the marriage vows she got into the first place. So, we always feel contented when our expectations are met. We will feel more contented if we know how to manage our expectation, and not make them high, for example.

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They say that people that jokes alot are really the saddiest deep inside..

nice story..
Awwww NASH…
nice post…
I read this story of clown who makes people happy and laughing, but he is sad and not happy.
Well, it's hard to tell what happiness is….but easy to apply.
Weird concept….
you can make any one happy and delighted and touch him/her with any simple thing…while some can't find their happiness even if they have all material things…like celebrities. I believe that because of lack of faith and emptiness in their lives make them miserable. Also, contentment is the key to defeating sadness and afflictions.

LOL…forget to say… Eid Mubarak… :)

I do believe that, but not all, i have seen happy people with good sense of hunmor.


thanks, you see, its easier for simple people to be happy, because simple people appreciate small things. while rich, loaded people, they have material wealth, so it takes a lot to make them happy. but not all rich people are sad, there are some happy damn rich people out there...
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