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Monday, December 18, 2006


Bye Bye London - Happy Xmas, Eid, and New Year

There comes a time in a person's life that one has to make a long term decision.

This time has come for me, having lived in this country for some time now, I have decided its time to take a detuor.

I made the decision a few weeks back. I have decided to leave UK and head back to Oman.

I do not have a job lined up yet. I thought I will relax and take it easy for a few months before deciding what my next step will be.

I have enjoyed living in this country, travelled extensively and met a lot of exciting people from all over the world. I made friends with a lot of people from Oman whon I would naver have met or even and got close to. I also benefited from working here while noting a big cultural difference that exists between us.

There are a lot of things I am going to miss here but then again I am sure I can make them up with alternate things in Oman.

Lifestyle between the two countries is totally different. Some of my friends tell me I can maintain the same lifestyle when I go back, but I would prefer to live the Omani lifestyle. I am a highly social person and this is one of the things I miss here, that I need to make up in Oman.

I have a lot of relatives many of whom I havent seen in ages, and this is one thing I need to do, is catch up with them.

I would like to thank all my regular readers for having patience and loyalty on my irregular posts.

I am working towards becoming a better blogger for 2007, and this can only be achieved with your constant support.

I will go away on holiday to be back in Oman in time for Eid.

So to everyone here, Merry Christmas, Eid Mubarak and Happy New Year oxoxox

Hi' Nash!
First I was confused, now I think I understand. I Really hope that you will find what you have been missing.
Here in Sweden we say "Away is good, but,our home is better"
Good luck and have a safe journey back home.
Stay in touch.
Merry christmas

*Hug* touching post indeed!
really nice to have you back to your wonderful Home!
I can't say it's the right choice or even bad becos u r the only one who knows.
Hope u chose the right one
and wish you the best
Take Care
and happy Holidays
I didnt care if you had irregular posts, you just had some of the best and the funniest posts out there! It's exciting you will be relocating..and I have a secret for you..I may leave Dubai too after being here for 8 years and go back to Pak. Good luck with your move, and happy holidays to you too.


Thanks for dropping by :) I am glad you are no more confused. As they say: East or West, Home is best.


Its true, my friends here, people like yourself, encourage me to write more. I always knew that I am here temporarily, bec I didnt want to make this my permanent home. Even though I am quite comfortable living here. Some of the people thing I am crazy by going back, actually they don't know the beauty of Oman or its people.


Thanks for the compliments, I knew I will get something good. Hey, just when I thought I had a friend in Dubai you decided to move? Anyway, good luck to you too, and let me know how your search for the significant other is picking up :)
wonderful Words NASH!
Thank you!!!

God Bless You Dear
Sallam Nash,

I was just passing by reading through your blog.

Mashallah many details and thoughts in there with a very simple presentation in it.

Mashallah, you are going back our lovely country Oman. What a pleasent move you are taking!

Inshallah my turn will be soon to say a farewell to UK [Liverpool] though i am sure i will really miss it and i will cry the day i leave.

I agree that the life style is different and it migth seem difficult to cope in the first few months, but then you will get used to the life style in Oman and will bring back the typical thing in your self and will adopt it again and may be with some improvement too.

Yes, i know that i don't know you in real and that i just read your lines within your blog. But i have lived in the UK for some years now and i can imagine the feelings that you are having now.

Any way, just to wish you a good luck in your steps back in our beloved Oman and inshallah Allah will bless you in every step you take.

the search for my significant other is getting nowhere...lool..

Sama dear,

Thanks and God Bless you


Even though it is nice to live in UK, but in Oman we have a better quality of life.

I have been to Liverpool a few times, I had friend who used to go to John Morris.

I am glad you enjoyed reading my blog, looking forward to more comments from you, also I hope you will update yours regularly.


Inshallah something (i mean someone) will turn up soon. You will realise it the minute you set your eyes on her. Eyes tell us everything, we just need to know how to read them :)
welcome back to Muscat. get in touch. lets start a blogging community. LOL
Hi Nash,
Go where your heart takes you. Our home country is still the best for us. I wish you all the best for your future endevour, Happy Eid Adha and Happy New Year 2007.
EId Mubarak ANd HAppY NeW YeAR!
I do really hope that everything is going your way...That you are allright.
I have been thinking of you and wonder howe your detuor went?

WOW..........Finally i did it!!!

you know... i was struggling to open your blog. i don't know what was the problem?!!!
only blank page used to appear without any writings!!??? appeared right :)

Happy for that

But you promised me with new posts....What happened?! :(

wish you are fine

did you get my e-mail ?!!

Take care ....came back soon
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